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Purchase Card (PCard) Program

What is a PCard:

The UBC Purchase Card (PCard) is a ScotiaBank Visa corporate credit card that allows individuals to purchase UBC business-related items. To learn more about the PCard program download the handbook

Who can get a PCard: 

PCard is available to UBC faculty and staff who has an active employee ID and an authorization from a VP, Dean, Department Head or Director of their department. 

Why to use a PCard:

The benefit of a PCard is a simplified purchase-to-pay process that improves efficiency.

When to use a PCard:

  • paying for goods and services valued at $3,500 or less
  • paying for departmental supplies at UBC Bookstore

Required backup documentation:

  • receipt or invoice including card transaction slip from merchant
  • packing slip
  • order forms for dues, subscription, registrations
  • email confirmation from merchant
  • faxed copy of receipt

If documentation is not available, a Lost Receipt form must be completed. All source documents should include the following information:

  • merchant name
  • date of purchase
  • description and quantity of each item purchased
  • total cost of order
  • cardholder name

How to use a PCard:

  • familiarize yourself with PCard roles and responsibilities 
  • use your PCard in accordance to PCard policies (link to PCard policy)
  • reconcile transactions through Centresuit

Types of PCards available:

Type of Card Monthly
Allowable / Exceptions
PCard $15,000 $3,500 All / Restricted vendors
Gas Card $2,500 $200 All gas vendors
PCard & Gas Card $15,000 $3,500 All / Restricted vendors
Computer Card $15,000 $10,000 Only computers, stationery and UBC Bookstore

If you are applying for multiple cards and require embossing of information on the card to identify each one you must indicate in writing on the application.

PCard Restrictions:

PCards can not be used for the following purchases:

  • transactions, payments exceeding $3,500
  • personal purchases
  • cash advances, reimbursements
  • travel and entertainment expenses (i.e. transportation, accommodation and meals, including liquor)
  • donations
  • controlled substances 
  • live laboratory/research animals
  • maintenance contracts
  • equipment rentals exceeding 30 days (leasing of equipment is prohibited)
  • payments within departments

PCard Contacts

Centre Suite

UBC PCard transactions are reconciled through CentreSuite.

CentreSuite has standard User ID logins depending on the type of user.

  • Single Cardholder: ubc + last 4 digits of card + last name (ubc1234jones)
  • Multiple Cardholder: ubc + first portion of email address until @ sign (ubcjohn.doe)
  • Card Coordinator /Individual Reviewer: ubc + first portion of email address until @ sign (ubcjohn.doe)

CentreSuite password must contain at leat 7 characters, 1 capital letter and 1 number.

CentreSuite will allow users 3 unsuccessful attempts to login before you are locked out of the system. To have your account unlocked, contact Procure to Pay Client Services

Two reference manuals are available:

Scotia bank Customer Service - 1-888-823-9657

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